Urban Cellars Wine Talk with Sinclair Philip
Wine Talk – Ordering Wine at a Restaurant
January 29, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

Check out our Wine Talk show with Randy Wilson from Urban Cellars liquor stores and our special guest Sinclair Philip, former owner operator and wine director of the Sooke Harbour House Hotel.

Sinclair, who owned and operated one of Canada’s most awarded dining establishments, shares his knowledge and stories on ordering wine at a restaurant.

Key Moments:

3:10 – How can you get away with ordering a cheap wine?

5:20 – How high is the markup on wine at restaurants?

7:32 – Do you include the value of your wine in your tip?

8:42 – Are local restaurants looking for more variety of wines?

10:48 – What to be aware of when I get my sample wine to try?

12:48 – How do I optimize my food and wine experience?

14:00 – What does “corked” mean?

15:35 – What you’re looking for when you sniff the cork?

17:20 – What about decanting?

22:33 – How do you choose a wine when you’re sharing it?

28:24 – What does “Off-dry” mean?

30:08 – Final thoughts from Randy