Comfort Food & Wine Wonders
Wine Talk – Comfort Food & Wine Wonders
February 26, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

This Wine Talk episode finds Randy Wilson on the road to the beautiful Okanagan to round up some new B.C wines for his Urban Cellars Stores. Tune in as we talk more about comfort food pairings as well as answering all your “Wine Wonders” including What’s new world wine vs. old world? What’s a better wine – screw top or cork? Boxed wine vs bottled?

Key Moments:

01:37 – Is there a constant flow of new products made at the wineries?

03:27 – Urban Cellars tasting panel

05:20 – There is a wine for every meal

06:20 – What wine would you pair with a stir fry?

10:10 – Is there a quality difference between a corked wine vs. a screw-top wine?

12:37 – How does the vintage process of wine work?

14:30 – Are the wine vintages drastically different from year to year?

17:00 – Wine decanting 

18:47 – The variety of wine glassware: Stem vs. Bowl

21:21 – What can we learn from a wine’s “legs”?

22:07 – How many wineries are in the Okanagan area?

26:40 – New World Wine vs. Old World Wine

30:10 – Box wine vs. bottled wine