Wine Talk – The Rise of California Wine
April 2, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

We’re talking about a market shift to California wines! Randy Wilson from Urban Cellars is joined by returning guest Michael Podbere with AIS Wine Imports. Michael has just returned from a search for new California wines that will soon be on the shelves at Urban Cellars.

Key Moments:

03:32 – Michael’s update from his trip to California

05:28 – Urban Cellars “Greatest Discoveries” approach

06:08 – Paso Robles exclusive wines 

06:57 – Meeting and negotiating with the California wine players

07:40 – Where is the Paso Robles winery in California?

11:07 – Michael’s buying trip story about GSM wine

13:58 – White wine find – Taratas grape

16:40 – Creating the relationship with wineries and agents

17:00 – Other “gem” wines that Michael has found for Urban Cellars

19:00 – Urban Cellars wine tastings

24:40 – How does one start a cellar?

27:17 – Urban Cellars’ local restaurant partners now have our exclusive wines