Wine Talk – Magnifico Vino Italiano!
March 26, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

We’re talking about magnificent Italian wines! Randy Wilson, the man behind Urban Cellars liquor stores will be talking about his favourite Italian wines including Chianti.This week’s special guest is Andrew Boryski from Boryski’s Butcher Block who will be giving tips on the best food to pair with drinks from Urban Cellars!

Key Moments:

03:16 – “Why do you pair the wine with the sauce and not the protein?”

05:08 – “What’s your go-to wine for healthier foods like seafood, salads and chicken?”

06:30 – “Does the alcohol level in the white wines tend to be lower than red wines?”

10:26 – “Are white and red blends any good?”

11:46 – “Are blends now more common than ever before?”

14:48 – Upcoming Urban Cellars Italian wine tasting details

16:06 – Supply on Urban Cellars exclusive wines (“our greatest discoveries”)

17:41 – “What do I do with a half a bottle of leftover wine?”

21:55 – The California wine alternative

27:20 – Andrew’s update on Boryski’s Butcher Block

27:50 – Is Andrew a smokies guy or an authentic hot dog guy?

28:57 – Craft beer selection at Urban Cellars

30:00 – Great main courses at Boryski’s Butcher Block