Urban Cellars Wine Talk with Sinclair Philip
Wine Talk – Comfort Food & Wine Pairings
February 19, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

Have you ever thought of pairing wine with your favourite comfort food? Pizza? Pasta? Grilled cheese and tomato soup? It can be done! Check out our Wine Talk show with Randy Wilson from Urban Cellars and this week’s special guest Sinclair Philips, former owner/operator and wine director of the Sooke Harbour House Hotel & Restaurant.

Key Moments:

01:28 – Pairing wine with tomato-based foods

07:05 – What does “thin” or “weak” mean when describing a wine?

09:23 – Bridging ingredients that improve pairing

10:28 – White wine and sparkling wine pairings

11:57 – Matching up acidic wines with the acid in tomato sauce

13:09 – Pairing wine with food sauces

15:00 – Pairing italian wines with italian food

16:12 – Food can bring the best flavours out of wine

20:25 – Sinclair’s favourite wine

20:57 – Pairing wine with bolognese

23:00 – Pairing wine with pizza

26:13 – Pairing with hamburgers and other ground beef dishes