Urban Cellars Wine Talk with Sinclair Philip
Wine Talk – Malbec Wine & South America
January 24, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

Check out our Wine Talk show with Randy Wilson from Urban Cellars liquor stores and our special guest Sinclair Philip, former owner operator and wine director of the Sooke Harbour House Hotel.

Sinclair, a wine aficionado, shares his knowledge on Malbec wines and the beautiful areas of South America from where they come from!

Key Moments:

3:06 – What is a wine aficionado?

4:35 – The history of Malbec wines.

5:40 – Why are Malbecs one of the most popular wines in SK?

7:00 – Why does Argentina produce the best Malbec wines?

8:53 – Is Malbec a dry wine?

10:43 – What meat do Malbecs pair with?

11:11 – Randy’s funny story

13:18 – Wine is a food!?

13:50 – Marinating meat with wine

16:10 – Philip a black belt in karate?

18:39 – The origins of Malbec wines

22:26 – Is Argentina a big wine producer like France and Italy?

24:00 – Can these Malbec wines be organic?

26:06 – What does the word “Malbec” mean?

27:00 – Pairing Malbec with wild game and wildfowl meat

32:15 – Malbec value

33:10 – The Cellar Club