Wine Talk Sinclair Philip
Wine Talk – Dessert Wines & Food Pairing
February 5, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

Check out our Wine Talk show with Randy Wilson from Urban Cellars liquor stores and our special guest is Sinclair Phillip, Owner Operator and Wine Director, Sooke Harbour House Hotel and Restaurant from 1979 to 2016.

Sinclair, a wine aficionado, shares his knowledge on dessert wines and the amazing food you can pair them with!

Key Moments:

1:33 – What is ice wine?

4:20 – Ice wine grape picking process

4:45 – Was ice wine an accident?

5:48 – Where do grapes to make ice wine come from?

6:25 – Sinclair’s story about ice wines and dessert

7:28 – How do ice wines hold up over time?

9:20 – When is the right time to order your ice wine at a restaurant?

13:24 – Pairings with chocolate

15:54 – Pairings with cheese

17:55 – Is age a big part of Port wines?

20:22 – Cooking with Port wines

21:23 – How is Port made?

23:40 – Why are ice wines unappreciated?

25:00 – What would be a dessert wine from France?

26:05 – What exactly is Sherry wine and how does it hold up to other wines?

27:15 – Health and wine in moderation

29:50 – What is Bristol Cream?

31:37 – What pairs with “Death By Chocolate”?