Urban Cellars Wine Talk with Sinclair Philip
Wine Talk – Cooking with French Wines
January 8, 2022
Category: Wine Talk Show

Check out our Wine Talk show with Randy Wilson from Urban Cellars liquor stores and our special guest is Sinclair Phillips, Owner Operator, and Wine Director, Sooke Harbour House Hotel and Restaurant from 1979 to 2016.

Sinclair shares interesting stories from the Sooke Harbour House glory days as well as some tips on cooking with French wine!

Key Moments:

2:00 – Sinclair’s background story and his exploration into the world of wine.

4:35 – $9.95 wine!? We don’t all drink $30-$40 bottles of wine regularly…

5:55 – Drinking and cooking with house/table wine

6:53 – What is the Brotherhood of the Black Pig!?

9:22 – Sinclair the forager

13:37 – French wines vs. New World wines

17:00 – What does “terroir” mean?

18:38 – “The Best Restaurant in the World” Award

20:40 – How do you cook with wine?

27:52 – “The Magic Bullet”

29:13 – Sweetness and Acidity

31:13 – Should I send back a bottle of wine that I don’t like at a restaurant?

34:24 – Randy’s funny story